3 ways Poncho

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Delivery Time 3 - 5 Business days

! Attention !
€19.00 is just the sewing cost of poncho from the Wool shawl.
If you want to order as Poncho, please order also wool shawl as fabric.
▶︎ Please add a wool shawl!

Product Information

Handmade 3 ways poncho from the wool shawl

As image fabric, unfortunately out of stock.
So first, please select a wool shawl and then add this product.
In case you just want a shawl, please go to the shawl collection.
▶︎ Go to shawl

Product Details

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3 ways Poncho costs 55 euro.
If you want to order a poncho, please order also a wool shawl.
▶︎ Please add a wool shawl!

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Special Instructions

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Currently, I only accept orders for delivery to the Country where I can send parcel due to the influence of corona... Sorry!